To be or not to be (in) Ljubljana is an abstract storytelling of a personal event, one other title would be To be or not to be (in) Strasburg. Until this summer I lived in Paris, now I am installed in Strasburg where I was yet living thirteen years ago, a strange come back that I never thought possible before. I know all the part of my new-old city, perhaps to much. Living virtualy in Ljubljana, a total unknowed city for me, is a way to play and enlarge my perception of Strasburg, being here and being there in the same time. The installation To be or not to be (in) Ljubljana is a spatial transcription of this virtual vital game and an haphazard way to discover Ljubljana, mixing views of Strasburg on sounds of Ljubljana. The playground is made with the overlayed maps of the 2 cities, adjusted on the google’s city marker (it would be in a past time church or town hall, real references). The rule of the game is to choose different places in Strasburg for video shooting after mixed on the corresponding points on the Ljubljana’s map with a sound recording and an oral description of the real place found. Spectator of the installation is included in the game, walking on the real-virtual mixed map, visiting two cities in the same space and time.

october 2010

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